Sunday, 6 May 2012

Screaming for Whipped Cream

As some of you may know already, I am a real cream fiend.  It is one of my precious few favourite food I am still allowed to have, so when I do get the occasion, I seize it will all my zeal.  Here you can witness my extreme vigour.  Enjoy with me :-)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

FIVE for Oliver

Cards and virtual gifts for me from around the world :-)

May Day seems to have some other obscure meaning for some people, but for me, it is the day to celebrate the anniversary of the grand arrival of yours truly, which happened in the year of 2007.   I turned 5 yesterday.  5 means in human years I am thirtysomething by now, but I am still as beautiful and fresh as ever, thanks to my exemplary feline zen living style, and also to mamma's treatment as if I am still a goo-goo baby.

Mamma used to make me a real cake, but since it had been forbidden to me by the mean veterinarian my mamma seems to have a blind trust in, she invented a very special cake-pudding which is good for me but still tasty.    She has a great enthusiasm in everything she does in the kitchen, and it shows in this cake too, not bad at all for a "good for you healthy" stuff!

my special B-day treat made of ricotta, cream and eggs

It was a lovely day, especially thanks to all the love and greetings all you friends have sent to me from around the world!!!  My heartfelt thank-mew to each one of you, you were all with us in our hearts as we celebrated!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cat in a Box

Oh yes... I may be classified as no ordinary cat. (or weirdo as my dad sometimes calls me...)  I prefer bread and sweets to steak, I make a noise like a bowling ball dropping when I jump off from a table or a chair, I snore while I sleep, and it took me a long time to come to appreciate some catnip.... buy oh, I do a lot of typical cat thangs at the same time too... like loving cardboard boxes :-D

I like it big...

I like it tight...

Even if it's TOO tight....

Or even totally flattened...

Now and then I encounter a box which I get particularly attached to.  Then I shower my love with a special treatment.

Love can be destructive... but I have no regrets!!!  There will always be a new box to be loved!!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Cat with Many Faces

Let's have a little fun this time... I tried a few impersonations.  What do you think of my new talent?

Marilyn Monroe

Gene Kelly




Johnny Weir



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bend It Like Oliver

As I mentioned in my introduction page, I have a kinky tail and proud of it.  My daddy, who is obsessed with analysing everything, reasoned that while I was still in the womb of my kitty mamma I had my tail stuck between my leg, and it just stabilized itself this way.  But I say I am simply a lucky charm boy.  We read a story of another cat in Japan, and learned that my kind of tail is called "kagi-shippo" (hooked tail) and believed to hook a good luck, to himself also to the others around him.  So that explains everything, a fly boy like me, hardly a surprise, is it?

So take a good look at my cool tail, perhaps it will bring YOU a good luck, too!!! :-D

Monday, 9 April 2012

My (belated) Easter Greeting!

It's that time of the year again, colourful eggs, all sorts of special sweets that cruelly tempt me, flowers, and... bunnies.  As if the santa hat for Christmas was not bad enough, mamma dared to try to make funny bunny ears with my own fine feline ears.  Ok, enough is enough, even a supermodel has to draw a line at certain point, so I hid under the bed and sulked, so she had to make do with the above picture...  heheh, Oliver 1, mamma 0!!

They brought in this big shiny object, I liked the noise the wrapper made and the ribbon, but the Humpty Dumpty thing was HUGE and rather scary looking, I decided to stay away.

Daddy made an enormous batch of Pastiera Napoletana, a rich cake with ricotta, eggs and grains.  It smelled so good but I was banned from eating it because they insisted it was too sweet for me... is there such a thing exist as "too sweet"???  However mamma gave me a generous serving of excellent sheep milk ricotta, so I came out of sulking round °2 and heartily enjoyed it :-)

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely, yummy, colourful Easter, and to my Russian friends, I wish you С праздником Пасхи next Sunday!!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hungry Boy

Being a growing boy, I am always hungry.  In reality, I am almost 5 and am told I should be a fully grown adult by now, but hey, I am an always young at heart type of guy, okay?
My mamma is a very good mamma, but one of her few faults is that she is never quick enough to serve my nom.  I always let her know when the nom time arrives, but she instead points to that clock thingy and insists it's too early.  Doesn't she know my tummy knows better than that object that flashes 4 numbers!!??

When she takes a lot of time preparing my food, I stay behind her and use a particular body signal to communicate my desperation.  I get on my hind legs and rub against the corner of the kitchen wall by the stove, where she is standing cooking my food.  She instead laughs every time.  What's so funny about that, doesn't this raise an alarm code red that someone is dying of starvation???

However, when she cooks the food for me, instead of opening a tin which is quicker for sure, it is usually extra good and bigger portion, so I may say that it is worth the wait! ;-)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My joyous visit with the Vet. (Not)

I had the pleasure of another trip to our lovely vet Saturday, even if there was nothing wrong with me. Obviously we are going for a holiday again in a few months, this time a little further away to the next country, I think mamma said Austria. So I need to get yet another shot, rabies, and a microchip. Yikes, two jabs!!  Worse yet, I had to be kept waiting for 20 minutes because there was a dog in front of us already visiting with the doc. Just see how tormented I was while mamma made merry filming poor, trembling moi.

Ok, I must say the visit itself could have been worse, not like the time I had to stay there for 2 days with the IV stuck on my front paw when I had a problem taking a wee.  It went fairly quickly, but I was still not pleased as my mamma thought it funny enough to photograph me being rudely molested.  (She forgot her camera, but insisted on photoshooting with daddy's mobile.  That's why the photo is crappy.  Not worth being posted on a blog really, don't you agree??)

In any case, I am officially a CyberCat. Kinda cool, me thinks.... :-D

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My very special greeting...


with loads of affection and drooling,
from your yours truly....


Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bathroom Horror

No friends, I did not star in the classic film Psycho.  Or never had such a god-forsaken accident like the one Ben Stiller had at the beginning of "There's Something About Mary".  It was not THAT serious, really... I know some of my fur-friends and cousins go through this fairly regularly, but I had just one semi-bath in my whole life, and I swear that was more than enough for the rest of my life.

One steamy summer day, I was just minding my own business in our bathroom, doing just the typical cat thang.  You know... checking out the bidet, chilling in the cool sink... Suddenly enters daddy, he declared  "Oh, it's so hot looks like someone wants a cool bath!!!"  Before I could react, he grabbed me and turned on the faucet.  First I really didn't understand what was going on, then the water started seeping through my fur and I realized I was getting wet, I quickly decided I was NOT going to press the "like" button.

Well, the drama didn't last as long as it seemed to me at that moment, my pitiful wailing and desperate flying claws were enough to make daddy decide "ok, I guess you had enough" fairly quickly.  But all the same, I was by that time a whole lot wetter than I would have ever cared. 

Thankfully, it was my only experience that came close to "a full bath".  I am fully capable of keeping myself fluffy, shiny, silky, maintaining the white part perfectly white, and smelling wonderful.  I know mamma knows that very well so I trust her, and I follow her into the bathroom all the time, but NEVER when daddy is in there, there is no sense taking any risks, right?

I'm too Sexy for a Bath.