Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bathroom Horror

No friends, I did not star in the classic film Psycho.  Or never had such a god-forsaken accident like the one Ben Stiller had at the beginning of "There's Something About Mary".  It was not THAT serious, really... I know some of my fur-friends and cousins go through this fairly regularly, but I had just one semi-bath in my whole life, and I swear that was more than enough for the rest of my life.

One steamy summer day, I was just minding my own business in our bathroom, doing just the typical cat thang.  You know... checking out the bidet, chilling in the cool sink... Suddenly enters daddy, he declared  "Oh, it's so hot looks like someone wants a cool bath!!!"  Before I could react, he grabbed me and turned on the faucet.  First I really didn't understand what was going on, then the water started seeping through my fur and I realized I was getting wet, I quickly decided I was NOT going to press the "like" button.

Well, the drama didn't last as long as it seemed to me at that moment, my pitiful wailing and desperate flying claws were enough to make daddy decide "ok, I guess you had enough" fairly quickly.  But all the same, I was by that time a whole lot wetter than I would have ever cared. 

Thankfully, it was my only experience that came close to "a full bath".  I am fully capable of keeping myself fluffy, shiny, silky, maintaining the white part perfectly white, and smelling wonderful.  I know mamma knows that very well so I trust her, and I follow her into the bathroom all the time, but NEVER when daddy is in there, there is no sense taking any risks, right?

I'm too Sexy for a Bath.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sporty Oliver

Like my professional career, I have another side which I tend to keep to myself.  Behind my laid back, roly poly image, I can also be a totally over the top, extreme athlete, when I choose to.  Hey, after all, I am a cat.  A CAT.  I am not totally a wimpy bunny rabbit like my dad says.  I quietly train myself and when the moment calls for it, I am capable of demonstrating an astounding athletism, as you may have witnessed on my last post, the image of my perfect evasive side kick.  I will let you take a little glimpse of how nimbly I can leap in the air here... touch of parkour, eh!?

P.S. you may be able to observe the fruit of my hardcore training on the floor... mamma was too excited about filming my acrobatic moves she forgot to sweep the floor... pardon the disorder!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bed Making

Apart from being an IT expert, I also render certain maid service, with great enthusiasm as well.  I am very good at making beds.  Understandably, mamma feels very bad about putting me to work at the computer desk, she always tries to keep quiet and tries to do it all by herself, but I have the keenest sense to detect the activity even from the other side of our house, even if she tries her best to be discreet.  So I am always quickly on the scene to provide my excellent service.  Observe how efficiently and professionally I manage the sheets!

In between my service I also demonstrate some athletic skills, I try to show her the perfect execution and technique of the Evasive Side Kick, with which she has a great difficulty and quite hopeless at when she does her session of Les Mills Body Combat.

However, being a wise feline who knows not to exhaust himself with hard work, sometimes I draw a line and call it enough, another lesson I try to teach to my mamma and frazzled humans in general.

Very wise work ethic, don't you think?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My secret profession

Many humans seem to assume cats, unlike dogs, are useless pets.  Well, we just let them think that way, unlike dogs, we are discreet creatures and not into showing off.  However since you, my dear readers, are special, I will let you in on the real, professional side of myself. 

Like my daddy, I am an IT specialist.  I am my mum's assistant and control the scanner and make sure everything is in order.  I watch each paper with my eagle eyes, well.. feline eyes.  If a paper comes out crooked, I correct it immediately.  Now take a look at me hard at work... the intensity.. the precision... never mind my little slip in the middle, when you are in total concentration occasionally you forget about minding the gap, as the Londoners say ;-)  But my quick recovery is rather impressive anyway, isn't it?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Of course, like any handsome cats, I need a hefty dose of my beauty sleep.  Some studies say cats spend about 16 hours a day sleeping, but to the eyes of many humans it seems even worse than that, some even believe we only wake up to stuff our faces.  But in reality, as us being nocturnal creatures, we do sneak in a good amount of action time while you humans are snoozing away at night!

So worry not... watching a peacefully sleeping cat also give you a wonderful therapeutic effect as well.  And here it is... one of my timeless classics, the sleeping beauty video.. enjoy and soothe your poor, agitated human soul! :-)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Me and Birdwatching

whoa!!! look at them go!! ... damn show-offs...

I spend a lot of time, I mean when I am not taking my beauty sleep or fine dining, gazing out of the windows.  There is a nice open view in front of us.  Well, we live near the Rome main station and it is unfortunately not exactly a magnificent postcard vista of Monte Mario where you can see all the domes and monuments with the background of the far away mountain range of Abruzzo.  But still interesting all the same, as there are always birds flying and perched near by who keep me entertained. 

I have been trying to learn their language, and I think I became pretty good at it.  Do you think they will respond to me if I talk to them directly?  Will they understand?  Will they let me join in their pigeon games and seagull games?  (well... seagulls are quite big and mean looking, I am a little scared of them... but they fly around in front of me soooo magnificently!!!)  I will let you see a little clip where I am practicing the language... tell me what you think!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Happy St. Paddy's!!

Wishing everyone, Irish or non, a happy St. Patrick's Day!! 

First thing first...

The true Roman Emperor

Just in case you are not sure of my identity, my name is Oliver.  I am a cat, which naturally means I am the sovereign king of my world.  I am a big boy, I peaked at 8,7kg, but then the horrible vet from hell ordered mum to put me on a diet and now I am at a svelte 7,8kg.  I still dream of sweet croissants which mum used to share with me every morning!!  Some people make fun of me because I have a double folded tail which sticks out on the right, but I read that a crooked tail is considered as a good luck charm in Japan, as it is supposed to "hook a good luck" so hey, what do they know!!!

little moi (upper right) with my siblings, MiĆ¹, Arturo & Pulce
I was born on the first of May 2007, so I am almost 5.  I was born in the south-west of Lazio, about one hour away from Rome.  I spent the first 4+ months of my life with my 3 siblings, and my first mamma Devi.  She took a very good care of me, I still remember and think of her very fondly.  Unfortunately there were many other cats in her household who were not very nice to us, so she decided to find a good home for me and my brother and sisters.  Mamma Licia found her notice in several sites, and came to bring me to her home on a sunny evening of September 2007, and the rest is the story. 

I weighed 3,5kg on my arrival, I already promised to be a very big boy, which I became.  My mum introduced me on a few cat forums, then on facebook, and I met many, many wonderful people from around the world.  They are physically far away from me, but everyday I feel the love from them, which makes me such a happy puddy.  So mamma and I decided to create this blog, as a hommage to all my global fans.  We love you all!!!
chilax with me and enjoy my blog!!!